Hair Rinse for a healthy scalp and stronger hair

Hair Rinse for a healthy scalp and stronger hair

Use a hair rinse after hair wash to help, protect, condition, and moisturize for healthy-looking, silky shiny hair. These homemade hair rinses are made with amazing natural ingredients that are beneficial to treat various hair problems and also promote healthy hair growth.

aloe water

Aloe Hair Rinse – Deep condition your hair and repair dry rough and damaged hair with aloe vera hair rinse. You just one ingredients that is an aloe vera leaf. Extract the aloe vera gel from the leaf and add 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel with 1/2 cup of water and blend them together. After hair wash, squeeze out the excess water from your hair. Simply pour the aloe water on your hair and do not rinse off. Let your hair air dry and style as usual for healthy and shiny hair.


Vinegar Rinse – If you have dandruff, dry or itchy scalp or just want to deep clean your scalp to remove excess product buildup then use vinegar as a hair rinse. To make the hair rinse extra powerful add in green tea to it. Get the recipe..


Herbal Hair rinse – This hair rinse is made using the best herbs like aloe vera and rosemary that have hair growth boosting properties. This rinse will darken your hair and also treat hair fall. Get the recipe..


Rosemary Rinse – One of the best ways to use rosemary in your hair care routine is to use it as a hair rinse to strengthens your hair, add shine, and promote hair growth. The hair rinse helps to nourish the scalp, fight dandruff, and keeps your scalp healthy.  Get the recipe..

RICE WATER HAIR CUBES for beautiful hair

Rice Rinse – One of the most popular hair care ingredient rice water, can be used in many different ways to boost hair growth. Fermented rice water nourishes the scalp, improves hair elasticity, and protects the hair from damage. get the recipe…


Onion Peel Rinse – Onion peel is rich in antioxidants and sulphur that helps to stop hair fall and regrow hair. Do not throw your onion peel, save the peels and make a hair rinse to stop hair fall and also promote thicker hair growth. Get the recipe..