When McDonald’s first came out with their “Coke Float”, I was rather intrigued about this unusual and unique combination – Coca Cola and ice cream!

20 Surprisingly Delicious Food Pairings That Will Blow Your Mind

Well, over the last few years, there have been many new unique and weird food combinations added to the list like olive oil and ice cream, apple pie and cheddar cheese, peanut butter and pickles (yes, you read that right!) and more. So, I’ve got a list of some of the best food pairings that you could try out, which are surprisingly delicious!

20 Surprisingly Delicious Food Pairings That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Peanut Butter and Bacon

The sandwich was made famous as a favorite of the American singer Elvis Presley. Toast the bread slices for a minute, spread peanut butter and in the crispy bacon and enjoy.

2. Pickles and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

We often slap a few slices of banana in between a peanut butter sandwich. Well, this time around, slice up some pickles and add it in and see how it tastes!

3. Bacon Wrapped around Banana

Well, this one may sound absolutely weird, but this combination is quite trendy. Fry your bacon and wrap it around a piece of banana and enjoy!

4. Ice Cream and Olive Oil

If you want a sweet and slightly salty combination, then try out drizzling some olive oil on your ice cream (or even gelato). You may actually like the taste!

5. Butternut Squash and Miso

Miso has a lovely umami flavour and butternut squash is rather sweet. This combination tasted lovely when you have roasted butternut squash with a little miso seasoning.

6. Salsa with Green Apples

If you like a mix of spiciness, with a hint of tartness, then this combination is perfect for you. You get the tangy flavour with a touch of the heat from the spice when you have green apple slices with salsa.

7. Honey and French Fries

Usually we dip out French fries in sauce, but this combination is different. Swap the sauce for honey and devourer this delicious sweet-salty combination.

8. Mayonnaise and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly jam is a commonly used food combination. But how about swap the jelly jam with mayonnaise instead? This combination can merge two amazing flavours and make it one!

9. Feta Cheese and Watermelon

Feta cheese is often used in salads, but when paired with fruits, especially watermelon (or watermelon salad with mint), it is supposed to add more flavour to the fruit. So, give it a shot, try it out and you’ll know if it is true or not!

10. Pizza and Honey

Pineapple and pizza is something you’ve heard of I’m sure, but what about pizza with honey? If you want to enjoy savoury with a hint of sweet, try this combination.

11. Ice Cream and Pickles

If you thought olive oil drizzled on ice cream was weird, well, this time around we have ice cream and pickles. Dip a pickle in some ice cream and give it a go!

12. Ranch Dressing and Ketchup

Apparently, this combination is called “kranch”. You want to dip your fries into it or drizzle it inside your sandwich, it is supposed to taste yum! The dressing sounds like it would be good on anything from fries to sandwiches to salads. And you can always mix your own at home.

13. Melon and Prosciutto

Meat with fruit, well, this combination doesn’t sound the best, but melon slices wrapped in prosciutto is supposed to be delicious as a snack.

14. Chips and Chocolate

If you’re looking for a salty cum sweet food combination, this one is pretty delicious. Dip your chips in melted chocolate, instead of ketchup the next time!

15. Balsamic Vinegar and Strawberries

Apparently, this combination is not a new one and is an age-old Italian combination! Since balsamic vinegar has a savory flavour, it tends to make the strawberries even sweeter.

  • Cut strawberries into quarters lengthwise.
  • Place in a bowl and toss with the vinegar and sugar.
  • Cover and allow to rest on the counter for about an hour so that the berries will “juice” then chill in the fridge for another hour.
  • Toss again before serving.

16. Ice Cream and Hot Sauce

Here’s another one with ice cream, hot sauce! A totally unique and a contrasting combination. All you need to do is drizzle some hot sauce on your ice cream and enjoy a delicious spicy ice cream!

17. Mango and Chilli/Pepper Powder

Tropical fruits and chili peppers are a perfect natural pairing. In a small bowl, mix the chili powder and salt. Place the sliced raw or ripe mango in a bowl, and evenly spread. Sprinkle the mango with the chili powder/salt mix, then serve.

18. Watermelon and Salt

Salting watermelon also improves the fruit’s texture. A little sprinkling of salt brings all the liquid to the surface of the water-rich fruit. As a result, each bite is guaranteed to be juicy and sweet.

19. Apple Pie and Cheddar Cheese

This combination is easy to make. All you need to do is grate some cheddar cheese over your apple pie before you bake it.