If you’re a cat lover who also has plants at home, then this can spell trouble! Cats often love to snuggle in the pots of house plants, nibble at the leaves etc. So, what’s essential is that you pick low light plants that are safe for your pet cats and do not pose a threat to them, whilst you can still keep the greenery in your house!

16 Low Light Plants that are Safe for Cats

Here Are 20 Low Light Plants That Are Safe for Cats:

1. Nerve Plant

Nerve plant is a non-toxic plant for cats. It has dense foliage and looks beautiful. It can do well in low light or medium light areas.

2. Spider Plant

Spider plants are easy to grown and have a dense foliage. They are good plants to keep at home when there are cats. They can survive in low lighting, with moderate watering.

3. Baby Rubber Plant

Baby rubber plants can adapt to medium or even low light areas and they do not require consistent watering. They are safe for cats.

4. Boston Fern

Boston ferns have a beautiful cascade in their leaves. They like bright indirect, low light and requires to be consistently watered. They are cat-friendly plants.

5. Friendship Plant

Friendship plants have hairy and thick leaves which are crinkled. They are perfect for homes with cats. They require moderate indirect light, along with consistent watering.

6. Zebra Calathea

This plant is very beautiful to keep indoors, as it needs bright indirect light that is filtered. It requires to be watered consistently. Nevertheless, it is a safe plant to have around cats.

7. Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron plants are safe for cat lover’s houses and they require low lighting. They shouldn’t be kept directly under the sun. These plants require inconsistent watering.

8. Haworthia

If you’re a succulent lover, then this one is perfect for your home if you have cats. It requires bright, indirect light and can even survive in low lighting. It requires inconsistent watering.

9. Prayer Plant

Prayer plants have very unique leaf patterns. It is a cat-friendly house plant that requires bright indirect low light. It doesn’t require direct sun.

10. Burro’s Tail

This plant is a succulent and is easy to grow. It is cat-friendly and requires indirect light and can adapt to low light conditions. It doesn’t need direct sunlight and requires inconsistent watering.

11. Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird’s nest ferns have long and wavy leaves and they require bright indirect, low light to grow. They can be placed anywhere in the house, but needs to be consistently watered. They are cat-friendly.

12. Baby Tears Plant

This plant is an indoor plan, but can also survive outdoors. It is cat-friendly. It requires filtered sunlight and needs to be watered frequently.

13. Brazilian Orchid’s

If you love flowers in your home, then Brazilian orchid’s can make your home look beautiful and the good part is that it is cat-friendly. It requires bright, indirect light and can also survive in low lighting areas with consistent watering.

14. Watermelon Peperomia

This plant has striped leaves and looks absolutely beautiful. It is perfect for homes with cats. They require bright, indirect low lighting and consistent watering.

15. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plant has rounded leaves and is cat-safe. It requires bright, indirect light and requires inconsistent watering.

16. African Violets

If you’re looking for yet another flowering indoor plant that requires bright indirect sunlight, then the African violet plant is perfect for you. It is cat-friendly and all you need to do is keep it moist (water as much as needed), in high humidity for it to survive.

17. Air plants

Air plants are easy to care houseplants that do not require the usual type of soil to grow. Air plants in general require bright to medium indirect light.

18. Staghorn fern

A staghorn fern is known for its unusual shape that mimics elk antlers. It can thrive in warm, very humid conditions in bright, indirect, or dappled light.

19. Bromeliads

Bromeliads  flower once during their lifespan under right conditions. If you desire a cat-proof, low-light houseplant with a splashy flower display and stunning multicolored leaves, then consider growing this plant.

20. Polka Dot Plant

Polka dot plant also known as the freckle face plant, typically features green foliage flecked with pink. They grow best in warm, humid conditions with bright, indirect light or partial shade.