Many of us own cars and there are some of us who own even two or three cars as well! But the question remains is – how much do you know about car care?

Car Care - The Car Maintenance Checklist

Yes, car care includes oil checks, brake checks, tire checks, coolant checks and the list goes on. Also, how often do these checks need to be done, be it on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis maybe?

Well, let’s talk about everything you need to know about car care in this article!

Car Care Tips

Monthly Checklist

Oil Level: Make sure to check for oil leaks and add oil into the oil tank, if oil levels are low.

Hoses: replace hoses if bulging. In case your hoses are brittle or have gone rotten, they need to be replaced.

Belts: Replace your belts if worn out, frayed or glazed.

Tire Pressure: In case your tire pressure is low, make sure to add in air. Also, remember to check the air pressure of your spare tire as well each time.

Coolant or Anti-freeze: Add coolant or anti-freeze if low and check for any leaks.

Tire Inspection: Make sure to inspect your tires for any damage, including your spare tire. Look out for bulges, uneven wear and tear etc.

Three-Monthly Checklist

Oil and oil filter: Check your oil filter and change the oil once in every 3,000 miles or as recommended by your car manufacturer.

Wind Sheild Washer Fluid: Add fluid into your wind shield washer fluid tank, in case the levels are low.

Power Steering Fluid: Add fluid into the power steering fluid tank, in case the levels are low.

Transmission Fluid: Add fluid into the transmission fluid tank, in case the levels are low.

Battery Terminals and Cables: Make sure to clean any corroded battery terminals and cables.

Lights: Ensure that all your lights and light-signals like indicators, brake lights etc., are in working condition.

Half-Yearly Checklist

Wiper Blades: In case your wiper blades are worn out, brittle or smeary, replace them with new ones.

Horn: Test your horn and make sure that it works well.

Brakes: Inspect your brakes for any unusual wear and tear and see that they are in good working condition.

Spare Tire: Make sure that your spare tire is in good condition without any damages and is fully inflated (with air/tire pressure checked).

Exhaust System: Inspect the exhaust system for any rust, damage or loose parts.

Shocks: Inspect the shock absorbers and check for oil seepage or any wear and tear.

Benefits of Car Care:

  • Increases the car’s lifespan: Regular and up-to-date car maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your car. When a car is well-maintained, it runs well, without the need of any repair on a regular basis, while reducing the ownership cost on an overall basis.

  • Ensures better traveller safety: A well-maintained car will ensure utmost driver and passenger safety. A poorly maintained car can have wear and tear of car parts, poor engine functioning, lack of brake maintenance etc.

  • Helps reduce breakdown risks: When a car is well-maintained, it can reduce the risk of having a breakdown (especially during long-distance travel).

  • Has a better resale value in the market: Cars that are well-maintained, have a better and higher resale value, as compared to a poorly maintained car. It will sell quicker and for a higher price in the second-hand car sale market.

  • The car will have better efficiency: Driving a car that is well-maintained, can give your car better efficiency and also it will ensure optimum performance of the vehicle.

  • Ensures cost-effectiveness (including fuel-efficiency): Cars that are well-maintained have better fuel efficiency and are also cost-efficient.