How to care for your bath towels

Towels are something that we all use on a daily basis. But over time, towels once used can tend to get stiff and lose its plushiness.

How to care for your bath towels

So, the key here is to look after your towels, wash them with care and deep clean them whenever required.

In this article we’ll discuss the “10 Commandments” of towel care. So, go ahead and check it out!

The 10 Commandments of Towel Care

1. Wash newly bought towels as soon as you bring them home

As soon as you’ve brought home new towels from the store, make sure to wash them immediately. This will help remove any chemicals that the towel manufacturer might have used to make the towel look soft and fluffy. Immediate washing can help reduce lint as well.

2. Never wash towels with excess detergent

After you’ve used the towels for a few times, you should launder/wash them in warm water with any mild soap or detergent. Do not over add the detergent as it may cause buildup on the towels and can limit its absorbency.

3. Deep clean your towels once in a month or two

Deep clean your towels once in a month or two or whenever they start feeling stiff or not as absorbent. Deep cleaning them by washing them with vinegar or borax, can help refresh them and can also remove any built-up residue detergent formation.

4. Do not throw bunched up towels into the washing machine

Never throw in bunched up towels into your machine. Rather, open them out, shake them off and then throw them into the machine. Thus, when the towels are washed, they will dry more easily and there will not be any stubborn creases.

5. Dry your towels on a low heat setting

Whenever you’re washing your towels, wash them on a low heat setting. Thus, it will not be prone to overheating (which could otherwise tighten the towel fibres and make them stiff and unabsorbent).

6. Avoid using fabric softeners

Avoid using fabric softeners while washing your towels as it can coat the fibres with residue and can also inhibit the absorption of water. Instead, you can switch to using wool dryer balls to increase air circulation and can help make the towels fluffy.

7. Spread out your towel to dry once used

After you finish your shower or bath, hang your towel out on a drying rack or on your shower curtain rod to dry it out. This can help prevent bacterial growth and can also help extend the time between two washes of your towels.

You must avoid using hooks, as it can cause moisture to get trapped within the fold of the fabric.

8. Keep two towels for each person in the house

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Having two towels per person will give you sufficient time to wash and dry your towels properly, as when one is in use, the other can be washed. Also, they can be washed more frequently as well.

9. Watch out for towels that aren’t stain-resistant for after body care routines

If you’ve got a body care routine that involves using creams like benzoyl peroxide or toothpastes that are meant for teeth whitening etc., basically products containing substances that could damage and discolor the towels, them it is recommended you use towels that are stain resistant or use cloths instead of towels when using such products.

10. Avoid using bleach too often

Bleach is a great product when it comes to stain removal from white towels, but bleaching your towels too often (or at all), isn’t recommended. This is because bleach can break down the fibres of the towels and can shorten the longevity of the towel’s lifespan, as they towel will lose its durability.