All you bakers out there, hands up! Well, whether you’re a seasoned baker or someone who is new to baking, I’m sure you would have encountered issues like your cake becoming way too dry or your cookies have spread out too much or maybe your chocolate mixture has clumped up or your couple cakes haven’t baked evenly! Nevertheless, whatever your baking error may be, we have solutions to everything in this a article.

15 Common Baking Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Here are ways to fix 12 different baking mistakes:

1. Your cake has become too dry

If you cake is too dry, simply poke holes with a toothpick or a fork (all over the cake) and moisten it by pouring a little sugar syrup, boil equal parts of sugar and water until the sugar has dissolved and the liquid has reduced and thickened. Spoon it on the top and let it soak in. OR Simply brush on a few tablespoons of milk or cream to the top of your dry cake. You can also add whipped cream, mousse or jam to the top of the cake to improve the overall mouthfeel of a cake. 

2. Your chocolate mixture has clumped up

To prevent seized chocolate, If you are using a double boiler then keep the water hot but not boiling, or turn off the heat before the bowl of chocolate is placed on top of the hot water. If your chocolate mixture (for ganache etc) has clumped up, just simply add in a little vegetable oil and stir well.

3. The batter has a weird texture

Make sure you’ve added in the right proportions of all the ingredients required. Also, use the right measuring cups and spoons for measuring the ingredients before adding it into your batter.

4. The egg whites haven’t fluffed up eggs are cold

You should always use room temperature eggs. You can place them in a bowl of warm water for two to three minutes, this will bring them up to room temperature fairly quickly. Make sure to use a stainless steel or glass bowl to whisk the eggs. Also, whisk at high speed until stiff peaks have formed.

5. Your baked item has become sunken

Always make sure to put the batter into the oven as soon as it is ready and make sure never to open the oven door while the item is baking. Also, always recheck the rising agent proportions in the recipe and batter, before setting the item to bake.

6. Your cakes didn’t bake evenly

You should also use a spoon and distribute the dough/batter evenly before setting the cake in the oven.

7. The cake has cracked at the top

Use a serrated bread knife to carefully slice off the top layer (just the cracked portion) of the cake to even it out. READ MORE – Best Egg substitutes and how to use them

8. Your cookies have spread out too much

While baking cookies, make sure that –

  • Your eggs and butter used is at room temperature.
  • You should use fresh baking soda and baking powder (check the expiry date before adding it in).
  • Let the dough be cool before setting it into the oven, which is why making cookie recipes instruct you to refrigerate the dough for 1-2 hours before baking.

9. Your cake has turned out uneven

You could simply use a wet bake-even cloth or homemade towel around the cake while setting it in the oven to bake it.

10. Your dish is too chewy or firm

You must always avoid overmixing your cake batter or cookie dough. Avoid using your hand mixer on high speeds. Also, make sure to always mix the wet ingredients first and later on, add in the dry ingredients. Thus, this will help prevent any over development of the gluten.

11. Your cookies have hardened upon cooking

Place your bread at the bottom of the cookie jar and keep the jar closed for at least 24 hours. You can also use a slice of apple instead, Just slip a wedge in with your cookies, cover the jar, and let sit overnight.

Always make sure to set your oven at the right temperature before setting in the cookies. The secret to soft cookies is to take them out just before they’re fully baked and let them finish baking on the baking tray to prevent overbaking.

12. Fix overwhipped cream

As long as your whipped cream hasn’t turned into butter yet, you can just gently whisk in a few tablespoons of cream and everything will smooth right back out again. If you chill the bowl and cream, you can whip it more quickly. If the whipped cream cannot be fixed then just make some homemade butter. 😊

13. Bread dough not rising

Yeast, baking soda or baking powder used is not fresh. The water is not the right temperature. If it’s too cold, it won’t activate the yeast, and if it’s too hot, it can kill the yeast. It should be between 105 F and 115 F.

You can repurpose the unrisen dough by Add some more yeast, a bit more flour and give it a knead again to try and rescue it or simply make flatbreads ( Indian Roti) or pitta breads.

14. Your cookies have changed consistency upon storage

Here are a few tips if your cookies have changed consistency upon storage:

  • Make sure to store your cookies only after they have cooled completely.
  • Always store your cookies in an airtight container or box.
  • Never refrigerate cookies (unless they have a cream-based or custard-based filling).
  • You can always re-harden or re-crisp your cookies by baking them in the oven for around five minutes at 300°F and then cool them on the rack.