If you’ve had new art work or wall hangings to put up in your house and been in a predicament as to where exactly it needs to be put up, then this one’s for you!

Simple Rules for Art Placements

Trust me, I’m sure we all have been there at least once. Thinking about how much distance you should keep between picture frames, where exactly it needs to be placed etc. Let’s get into all the necessary details right here!

Placement Guide and Steps on How to Arrange Wall Art

Step 1: Choose the wall you want to use

The first step is to choose which wall of your room you want to place the artwork on. Do you want to go in for a larger area or a smaller one?

When it comes to a large area, then you will need a bigger piece of art or a grouping of art work. But if it’s a smaller area, then you can even put up a smaller piece of art, as there is lesser space to fill in.

Step 2: Plan out the arrangement

Before you begin drilling your walls to make the fixtures to set up your artwork, you should always first have a plan in place.

Make a mental image and envision how your art. Consider whether it would suit the area you have chosen better than any other area of the house (for that particular art work).

Here’s a tip: There are certain apps that have features that can allow you to see how a particular This can come in very handy especially when there are many pieces of art or for complex art arrangements involved.

Step 3: Take measurements and screw in the fixtures

Once you’ve got a proper plan in place, then use a measuring tape and take the measurements. Do not eyeball it, because things could go horribly off or your art work could end up looking lopsided!

You will also have to keep in mind how your art work is placed when your furniture is in place. Thus, you should follow certain rules for art placement with furniture. For this, I’ve penned down a simple rule/guide you can refer to below.

So, use a measuring tape, make dots with a pencil as markings and only them go ahead and drill in the screws.

Simple Rules for Art Placement

Art Work and Furniture

Rule 1: Placement from furniture

Place any art work/wall hanging at least 6 to 8 inches above any furniture.

Rule 2: Placement from floor

Place your artwork in a way that the center of it is 57 to 60 inches (5 to 5.5 feet in height) from the floor. Remember that art work should always be placed at eye level (of course considering the height of the ceiling as well).

This rule is because we consider the fact that most of the time, the occupants of the room are in seated position and thus, the visual viewing of the art work is more or less at the level of their eyes and not too high.

Rule 3: Distance between two pieces of art

You should make sure to maintain a distance of 2 to 3 inches between two pieces of art, especially in the case of wall hangings.

Rule 4: Furniture coverage with artwork

The artwork should fill only around two-thirds (2/3) of the width of your furniture.

Rule 5: Artwork and groupings, with furniture

Whenever you have two types of art work, you should consider them as a group and not as separate pieces of art. The whole grouping should be considered as one artwork and it should be placed 58 to 60 inches from the floor, until the middle of the whole group of artwork.