Ginger is a well-known natural ingredient for hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, hair shedding, breakage etc. Due to its hair care benefits, ginger is used as a dominant ingredient in a lot of hair care products that you get commercially. Why invest in ginger based commercial products that contain […]

Onion is a popular hair growth ingredient, it is used in a lot of commercial hair care products these days! You can find onion oil, onion shampoo due to its amazing hair growth properties. However, you can make an effective onion oil at home using the below recipe. BENEFITS OF […]

Acne is a common beauty problem and the worst part they tend to leave behind a nasty scar that is very difficult to treat. The flawless and clear is something we all would love to flaunt. However, While many homemade treatments and herbal remedies are available for treating these acne […]

With blow drying, styling, and other multiple hair products that you use, your scalp and hair goes through a lot of stress and damage on a daily basis. A good scalp massage should be an important step in your hair care routine to repair damage and reduce hair fall. A […]