Indoor plants add great fresh look to your home and also have other benefits like air purification and aromatherapy. Looking out for ways to add fresh plants to your home decor that have air purification qualities and are low maintenance as well? Keep reading- SPIDER PLANT Spider plant help clean […]

Headaches are extremely common and can be a result of number of stress, low metabolism, skipping meals or morning breakfast, strain on eyes as a result of computer and phone screens etc. There are a lot of over the counter medicines available for headaches but if your headaches are frequent, […]

Stretch marks are more common than you think and can be a result of sudden weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy, obesity, contraceptive medicine side effects, etc. Stretch marks especially on the legs, shoulders and waist can make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. The earlier you start treating the beginning […]

Overnight beauty treatments are the best we feel because the treatment gets to work for longer while you have your beauty, restful sleep. Overnight face masks also called sleeping masks are great and you wake up to fresh, glowing skin every time and skin gradually and quickly starts showing results. […]

Honey is a great sugar substitute and also has great health benefits. Honey is also quite known for its beauty benefits especially its skin care benefits thanks to its natural humectant and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey also helps lighten pigmentation to some extent and also helps reduce sun tan. Honey is […]

Coconut oil is a great multipurpose ingredient and is widely used for home, health and beauty! If you are dealing with hair problems like rough hair, damaged hair, hair fall, dandruff etc. this one mighty ingredient can help solve all these problems! Below is how you could use coconut oil […]