Henna is used extensively in Indian weddings and for a variety of beauty purposes like hair conditioning, hair dyeing and body painting. I am myself quite fond of using henna for colouring my tresses and covering those premature grey strands. I like the natural tinge it imparts, especially because I […]

Hemp seed oil is highly nutritious and full of vitamins and fatty acids. It balances the skin oil production, unclog pores and reduces tension in the muscles. Hemp Seed Oil is great for healthy hair growth, it also aids in a healthy digestion and also to boost your immue system. […]

A natural makeup setting spray that rejuvenates your skin while restoring its pH balance, absorbs excess oil and provides glowing skin. The refreshing & revitalizing properties of this face mist hydrates your skin while keeping your makeup fresh and flawless throughout the day. BENEFITS Aloe vera – the soothing and […]

Commercial shampoos contain ingredients like SLS and parabens that damage the hair and may also cause hair fall. Infused with natural hair care ingredients this homemade natural shampoo cleanses and nourishes your hair naturally. This natural shampoo revives weakening roots, repairs damaged hair, and conditions from scalp to tip. BENEFITS […]

A perfect combination of skin brightening ingredients that help to detoxify the skin, draw out toxins, exfoliate dead skin, deep cleanse your skin, for healthy, glowing, and bright skin. BENEFITS – Gram flour or chickpea flour ( besan) – ┬áit effectively brightens skin tone, exfoliates dead skin to give your […]