People often complain about butt acne, uneven skin tone on the butt, stretch marks, whiteheads etc. We often exfoliate our facial skin and body but never really pay special attention to the butt. Just like the rest of our body, acne can appear on the butt as well. It is […]

Ants, rather any insect in the house can be a nuisance! It definitely isn’t attractive and who wants bug and insect bites anyway? Insects especially ants can be a mess if you have a home garden, plants in your windows etc. Red ants can bite and be it any kind […]

Clean and clear skin looks beautiful and is a sign that you are healthy inside out. A lot of external factors like pollution, clogged pores, excess oil, etc, and internal factors like an unhealthy diet can make your skin look dull and causes many skin problems. if you are struggling […]

People these days have become health conscious thanks to easy availability of junk food! It is a good thing that people these days have become more conscious of what they consume. Obesity is a common problem these days for those who do not really monitor their food and it can […]

A lot of different causes like environmental pollution, makeup, and dehydration results in dry, chapped, and pigmented lips.  Treat flaky, dry lips, and lighten lips overnight with a turmeric lip treatment. This natural lip serum will keep your lips looking healthy, baby soft and smooth. Turmeric is a natural ingredient, […]