Unwanted facial hair can be removed from the body with the help of laser hair removal methods, using a razor, applying wax, threading, electrolysis, or hair removal creams. But if you are looking to reduce the unwanted hair then use these ayurvedic remedies as the results are fairly permanent hair […]

Ghee is one of the common ingredients used in Indian cooking and is usually and easily found in any Indian kitchen. Ghee is multipurpose and is widely used for heath and beauty both here in India. Homemade ghee is always the best since its the purest and few of any […]

Skin that is hydrated and well moisturized looks healthy and plump. Dry skin is prone to early wrinkles and can make your skin stretchy and itchy as well. Winters can take a toll on your skin and can make it drier and itchy and cause dry white patches! Looking out […]

With change in the weather comes allergies and respiratory infections! If you frequently suffer from allergic reactions, common cold, cough, fever, rashes etc. then you probably have low immunity. It is so important to keep your body’s defense mechanism running on top and your immunity all high all the time […]

Herbs and spices bring food to life. With a bit of experimentation, you can reach a bliss point of taste and aroma that will take ordinary dishes to a whole new level. The use of herbs and spices has been incredibly important throughout history. Many were celebrated for their medicinal […]